APRS on HF/VHF - Winlink - APRSlink - D-Star
amateur radio communication & navigation

Live Link SA7SKY

Land Rover Defender MY2011

Kenwood TM-D710E, Kenwood TS-480SAT Albrecht AE6890

NAV 1 for VHF-APRS & NAV 2 for HF-APRS

all main units mounted on one platform SCS PTC-IIIusb attached with velcro on top of AE6890 unit

Outbacker OB88 & Outreach Diamond NR-770HB Diamond mono-band antennas: here HF-30FX for APRS

Kenwood TM-D710E
    Diamond NR-770HB antenna (no. 1 front)
Kenwood TS-480SAT
    Diamond HF mono-band HF-nnFX Series
    Outbacker OB88 [ S/N 141 101 ]
    Outbacker Outreach [ S/N 141 102 ]
    PRO AM PHF-160
    LGD KT-100 automatic tuner - additional to internal for wide tuning range
    Diamond NR-770HB antenna (no. 2 rear)
Albrecht AE6890
    Flex-Log 4 Sirio
    Flex-Log 3 Sirio - when offroad
Samsung GT-S7710 Xcover 2 (no SIM) - APRSdroid on TM-D710E build in TNC (KISS mode)
Samsung GT-S7710 Xcover 2 (no SIM) - APRSdroid on SCS PTC-IIIusb (KISS mode) operating Robust Packet APRS on HF
PTC-IIIusb - for Winlink operation & PACTOR connected mode
    SA7SKY on APRS has a triple feed for APRS-IS: VHF (smartbeaconing), HF-RPR (smartbeaconing) & D-Star (upon PTT)

SA7SKY License Number 123374 by Sveriges Sändareamatörer SAA
DF8LS on hold by Bundesnetzagentur
General Flight Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate (AZF) 53/286814-AZ by Bundesnetzagentur
1000 watts permission valid 2018-11-01 until 2021-12-31 by PTS No. 596526

SA7SKY 2407094
DF8LS 2622123